Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I heard the throaty rumble...

...before I noticed the car, really. From first listen, I would have sworn it was a new Mustang with those really grumbly pipes they put on 'em that sound soooo sweet. But it wasn't a Mustang.

Up in front of me was some kinda brand new, lowslung, black car. I do pretty good at recognizing cars, but I don't know what this was. My after-thought was that it was a brand new Camaro. But I did some checkin, and it looks like the new Camaros won't be out til '09. Firebird? Don't think those are back out again til next year. Goat, maybe. Coulda been. Whatever it was, it was some kinda new performance-type car. Sporty. Real sporty.

The thing is, at the time, I wasn't payin a whole lotta attention to the car, itself. See, I was kinda mesmerized by the continuous flashing left turn signal. Because it fucking flashed for miles.

Goin around the world to the left, I guess.

And the other thing is, when I finally got close to the University/War intersection, he pulled over into the right lane along side me. With his signal still flashin....to the left.

It was then I looked into the car to see who the hell the moron was...and discovered some 60+ year old, distinguished-lookin dude with gray hair behind the wheel.

A manifestation of his mid-life crisis, no doubt.

Stick to the Buicks, buddy.


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