Sunday, June 03, 2007

Overheard conversations (and other schtuff)

Ziggy: "Is it just me, or is Meatloaf looking more and more like Karl Malden?"

We're watching
  • History Rocks! - the 70's
  • on the History Channel, narrated by none other than the 'Loaf, himself. And, bless him heart...he is startin to look like Karl Malden.

    But anywho....It's. Awesome.

    I love history. Though this doesn't get into great detail, it's set to the music of the 70's...kinda like..Pop-up Video. Anyone remember that?

    Whatta hoot! Especially if you're a little more than half-way shit-faced. Like me. Again.

    I know. But they had Honey Brown Lager on sale at Kroger. It like...called my name.

    "Pam...PAM! Come. Buy me. Drink me. You know you wanna. You know you have so much more fun when you drink me."

    So I did. Bastards had it comin. All six of 'em.

    Uh. Seven.

    But I ask you...was it, or was it not, the most gorgeous day today?

    Well, except for those couple of little pesky pop-up showers.

    We cleaned up the beach a little...made a big bonfire and burnt a lotta driftwood. Then cooked out and dined al fresco. I fixed a flat-iron steak and some baked potatoes. Uh...but not on the bonfire. On the grill. Mmmmmm...good.

    Oh...OH! Wanna see my bloomers?

    Wait. What'd you think I was talkin about?

    Gawd...whatta fanfuckintastic day.

    Good gawd. Now, on History Rocks!, they're doin a bit on the helicopter evac of Saigon....and playin "Freebird" as background music.

    "Operation Frequent Wind". Yea. Right.

    Whatta memory. I could cry.


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