Sunday, April 15, 2007

Doo, doo, doo...lookin out our front door...

Well, it'll be our front door in a coupla weeks, anyway.

And the view from the floor. If ya feel like laying on the living room floor.

I'm thinkin it's gonna be Ziggy's job to change the lightbulbs in that damn ceiling fan. When I first saw that cathedral ceiling, I thought it was a little...grandiose...for such a small home. But whoever did it really had the right idea. It makes the small-ish living room feel expansive and just huge. Plus, the loft part has tons of storage...another big plus in such a small space.

And the windows that overlook the deck that overlooks the river.

Perfect spot for the lyin on the chaise lounge and just...lollygaggin, huh?

And though the kitchen is small, it has tons of cabinets, brand new appliances and waaay more counter space than I have now. The wallpaper isn't my taste, but I can live with it...for a while.

We went up yesterday to do some last-minute measuring...just in case, ya know? I'd have really hated to get our king-sized bed up there, only to find out that it wouldn't fit in the bedroom. The bedrooms are small, but not nearly as small as I had remembered from that first visit in January. In fact, none of the rooms is as small as I'd first thought...except the bathroom. Miniscule might be a good word to describe it. At least it's got all the essentials.

And that deck! Like a dumbass, I forgot to get a photo of that. But it's awesome. Perfect place for a cookout...or blogmeet? It's 16 X 20 or so...about twice the size of the dinky patio we have now. And tons of space for pots of herbs and flowers.

Our lovely new landlords even went ahead and gave us the keys. Now I can get the bedrooms and bathroom painted before we move! What a bonus. It'll be soooo much easier to get done without the furniture there. Piecea cake, actually...don't even hafta paint the ceilings and the trim is all finished wood in great condition.

Needless to say, we're both so excited we can hardly stand it. I'm thinkin these next two weeks are gonna drag by.


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