Wednesday, November 29, 2006

WCF Smackdown!

That'd be "Weasel/Cat Federation".

And to think...I was kinda worried about Lizzie, aka Elizabeth Ferret Browning, hurting Elwood, aka Big Head Ed. Hell, he gnaws on her like a pit bull gnawing on a leg bone. She makes noises that I didn't even know ferrets made. She hisses, even.

Lizzie is such a sweet-natured animal. She's all about play and sleep. El, on the other hand, is the demon spawn from hell. She wants to play...he wants to kill.

It's funny, bad as he beats her up, she's always back for more. She's like the chick that gets beaten to a bloody pulp by her boyfriend that says, "But I looooove him!" Once in a while, she gets a good lick in and nails him on the nose or right square in the ass...he jumps away and looks highly offended.

When she's had enough, though, she hides either under the chaise lounge or the ottoman (you can just barely see her nose poking out from the giant, square zebra). He's too big to get under the ottoman, but he can still squeeeeeeze under the chaise. Fortunately for Liz, once he gets under there, he's too constricted to do much harm. He hasn't yet discovered that it's really just a set-up on Lizzie's part. She lures him under there and then gives him a much-deserved nip that he can't avoid.

It's been a loooong time since I've been owned by a kitten, but I don't remember them being quite so damned....mean. Oh, when he's sleepy, he's all lovey-dovey. But if he's had a nap, like I said...he's the demon spawn from hell.

Little does he realize...come February, he'll enter permanent eunuch-dom.

Ever see a ferret laugh?


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