Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care

Ooops. Wrong holiday.

Sausage balls, pickle wraps, cheese ball, hot wings, rumaki, shrimp and veggie tray all made and chilling in the fridge, awaiting warming up and/or plating tomorrow. Check

Various dips and sauces for above-mentioned goodies created. Check

Final trip to the Seventh Circle of Hell, aka the grocery store (it was especially delightful this morning...NOT), for those pesky things that didn't make it onto my first list. Check

Vacuum run and general spiffing up done. Check

And all this completed....BEFORE noon today!

I must be sick. No, what I am, is ruined. After just under two months of getting up at 6:30, three times a day, I'm ruined. I fear my days of sleeping til 10 or 11 am are over...not by choice, mind you. By habit. Dammit.

Actually, I probably wouldn't have been up quite so early today, but the Zigster is on days this week and his alarm woke 4 freakin 40 am. 'Course then I hadda pee and then...well...I was awake.

Just as well, I suppose. At least I was productive. Probably a damn good thing, too. I have a feeling that my wayward bitch of a uterus is about to throw one of her hissy fits, rendering me pretty much useless for a day or two. I'll just grit my teeth and bide my time, though. I don't think she's gonna be around much longer.

I think I'll throw her a Bon Voyage party.


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