Sunday, November 19, 2006


Well, no. Not exactly.

The Princess Grandchild will be spending the upcoming holiday with her Dad and his family, and while I'm always tickled to see the Queen's just not quite the same without all of our teeny little family together. Jules went ahead and made some Thanksgiving plans of her own, so that left the Zigster and I to our own devices.

We decided that we'd invite some good friends of ours to join us and I'd planned to do the whole "traditonal" thing...turkey, dressing, etc. But the friends thought they had other plans. Ah well.

Since it seemed as though it was just gonna be us, I suggested that instead of the whole big dinner, howz about we do a "I-could-make-a-meal-outa-that-stuff" day. Ya know? Appetizers. Snackies. Horse's ovaries...uh...I mean hors d'oeuveres. Zig was all down wit' dat. So it is written. So it shall be done.

Fortunately, our good friends' plans have changed, so they and their daughter will get to join us. That just tickles me...I loooove to entertain and don't get to do it nearly often enough. Unfortunately, we'd already decided to do the appetizer thing and I'd already bought most of the ingredients. Fortunately, they love that kind of stuff, too. (Just another reason I adore these people)

As it stands now, the menu will consist of
  • Sandy's recipe
  • for Sausage Balls, Dill Pickle Wraps, Shrimp Cocktail, Hot Wings with various dips, Rumaki and my world-famous Cheese Ball with an assortment of crackers.

    Oh, and to top off our decidedly non-traditional Thanksgiving feast, Pumpkin Cake...not pie...with whipped cream. I was gonna do cheesecake, but I figured that'd just be silly.

    Yea, I know. I probably oughta have AMT on standby, defibrillator at the ready.

    Just so we have something reasonably healthy, I'll probably fix up a fresh veggie tray of some kind, too.

    That oughta appease the heart attack gods. A little.


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