Monday, November 20, 2006

You like me! You really like me!

Yea, I know that line from Sally Field's Oscar win is ooooold. So'm I.

I've been honored with three...count 'em...THREE...local blogger awards by one of my favorite local bloggers,
  • Scott O'Brien
  • .

    Ok, so I didn't win any prizes. No award bucks. No golden statuette. Nevertheless, it does mean a lot to me. There are a lotta great Peoria bloggers.

    Oh, I'm not one of 'em...I'm just sayin. I'm flattered to be mentioned among the First Annual PeoBloggies Award winners.

    Wanna see my win list?

    Blogger With Best Ability To Take A Complex Subject And Turn It Into An Interesting, Readable Entry With A Folksy Slant

    No contest - Lollygaggin. And this is not to say she "dumbs" down complex topics at all. What she consistently does is take a complex topic and put a human and common sense touch on it and make people go, "hm, never thought of it that way."

    Bloggers Who Would Probably Be The Most Fun To Have a Beer With

    Scott Janz and Lollygaggin.

    Group of Bloggers To Have a Backyard Crabfest With

    Scott Janz
    Krisser Prisser (only if loud music is played)
    Chef Kevin
    Willy Nilly

    Anywho, thanks Scott! It was great fun reading your awards list.


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