Wednesday, November 08, 2006

I've said all along....

  • Possums
  • are danged smart critters. Terry sums up my take on yesterday's events far more eloquently than I ever could've.

    1) I think this pretty much sinks George Bush's chances for a third term.

    2) We have finally determined exactly how incompetent Republicans must be for Democrats to be able to win anything.

    3) The Democrats who DID win are there only because Karl Rove wants them there. They need to watch their attitudes.

    4) Murderous terrorists and their enablers/defenders will finally have something to be happy about, at least for a little while, and goodness knows they need something to be happy about. I predict that for the next few weeks, car bombs will be loaded not only with nails and ball bearings, but candy and flower petals, too!

    5) The flying monkeys released from Pelosi's office were a bit of an overkill.

    6) John F. Kerrydy pronounced Teddy Kennedy the greatest Senator of all time, which I think probably is his way of saying he wants to be his running mate in '08. They'd make a lovely couple.

    I'm almost smack-dab in the "middle of the road" as far as politics are concerned. But I've gotta admit....especially after today's news...I'm a little 'skeered' right now...and I ain't skeered a nothin.

    I fully expected the Repubs to get a little well-deserved slap on the pee-pee for a few things. But I didn't expect 'em to get it whacked off completely, a la Bobbitt.

    I think I'll buy a gun before the trouble starts.


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