Wednesday, May 13, 2009

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood

If you're a fish. Or a duck.

Good gawd...for every nice day around here, we're rewarded with three...or four...or five...nasty, cold, rainy days.

I need some sustained sunshine, dammit!

While there are lots of gorgeous things blooming, the vibrant colors are dulled into varying shades of gray by the crappy weather. And it's funny...the older I get, the more the weather seems to affect my mood and my energy levels...even the way I think.

When it's crappy like this, my mind is all slow and sluggish and...blah. Take, fr'instance...blogging. I can't drag a decent post out of the depths of my rain-soaked brain.

So I'm essentially babbling. (sigh)

My one bright spot of the day, so far, was tormenting the cat. How friggin sad is that?


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