Monday, April 20, 2009

Practice makes perfect

So I took some time today to practice with da Zigster's new toy. Noooo...not that toy. Geeeze...getcher mind outa the gutter.

It's the
  • Flip

  • What a handy-dandy little gadget! It's a teeny-tiny digital vidcam...about the size of a regular digital camera. It makes videos up to 60 minutes long and it has a built in USB thingy that sticks right into your computer for downloading. Then you can download it to YouTube or Vimeo or whatever ya choose.

    The controls on the camera couldn't be simpler...even I can understand 'em. Turn it on, point and shoot. There's a zoom, a playback button and a discard button. That's it. Easy-peasy. It's like a vidcam for old fucks. heh

    Downloading it to YouTube, however, damn near got the best of me. It took me all afternoon to get the bloody thing to work. heh

    And, without further ado, I present....

    Pammy's First Flip

    HA! Thought ya were gonna see me do a cartwheel, huh?

    I know. Four minutes and 18 seconds of watchin da boys get their groove on with catnip mice (YAWN!) isn't exactly the most thrilling thing...but,'s practice.


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