Thursday, October 02, 2008

Random thoughts

* Know what's worse than some little binky in a humongous SUV with a cell phone stuck to the side of her head? A bald-headed, 80 year old bastard in a rattletrap Ford LTD, tryin to maneuver down the clusterfuck that is now south rush hour, no less...with a fuckin cell phone stuck to the side of his head.
Fer shit's sake...I'm bettin he can't drive worth a fuck without the distraction of a cell phone, let alone tryin to do both at the same time.

* I'm utterly and completely disgusted with all the political shit-slingin, back and forth from local politicians to national ones. "He said..." "She said..." He lied about..." She lied about..."
Get a clue, people....they ALL lie. They ALL distort, twist, manipulate and otherwise mangle the facts to suit them. They'll ALL do or say whatever it takes to get the most votes. If I thought for a minute, I could NOT watch any news for the next 33 days, I'd do 'er. But I can't. (sigh)

* Speaking of news, I caught some local farmer on the tube this morning. He was whinin about not bein able to pick his corn because of the recent wet weather and that the current price of corn has dropped like a rock and it all just wasn't fair. And then he stomped his wittle foot and tears ran down his cheeks. (Ok, that part didn't happen...but I was expectin it.) Uh...'scuse me? Ok, so a person goes into a line of work that's pretty much dependent on the weather and a lot of other natural factors that can't be controlled, and he wants fair? Seems to me like there's no "fair" about it. It's gambling. Ya want "fair", bud? Sell the farm and go into another line of work. Fair, my ass.

* I'm ready, ready, ready for another girls only weekend trip to St. Charles. Oooo...shoppin and eatin and gamblin and drinkin and laughin, YEA! Gimme a call, Jilly! Anybody else wanna go?


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