Sunday, December 03, 2006

Bad roads and nekkid men

After bein snowed in for three full days, the Zigster and I decided that we'd make a trip to the local Seventh Circle of Hell. Motha Hubbard's cupboard was gettin preeeeetty darned bare.

I'm sooooo glad I didn't wait until tomorrow to go get groceries by myself. Good gawd, the streets are still awful. The parkin lot at the grocery store was awful. The driveway outa our complex is awful. The streets are sorta clear, but have a thick layer of lumpy, bumpy ice that probably won't be meltin any time soon. And on top of that ice was a layer of was like tryin to drive on a damn logging road covered with jello.

And I swear ta people forget how to drive when it gets nasty like this? Or are they just idiots? I don't know how many big, ole SUV's we saw just barreling down the street. Do those drivers have any clue that they're not invincible on streets like this? When it comes to shit like this, all bets are SUV isn't gonna be any less likely to slide outa control.

In other news:

I'm tellin ya...ya ain't lived until you've seen a nekkid man, clad ONLY in a pair of penny-loafers, with a flashlight that just happens to have a blue light, runnin around on the snow-covered patio, chasin a cat, cussin the whole time...

"C'mere you little #%^#^@! You #%@^& CAT! C'MERE!"

It's a long story. Ya hadda be there.


Our Christmas tree is up. Which is part of the reason there was a nekkid man in loafers out on the snow-covered patio, runnin around, chasin a cat.

Don't ask.


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