Saturday, December 02, 2006

Censor THIS!

Beheadings, dismemberments, gory hit and runs, horribly disfigured rednecks, Black Magic, gallons of blood, buckets of body parts, gratuitous sex...and that which they dare not show...

Ziggy and I just caught
  • Monster Man
  • on the SciFi Channel.

    In all fairness, it's genre IS described as "comedy/horror". I wish I'd have known that before we watched it...I just thought it was a really bad horror flick that was accidentally funny.

    The premise was the usual. Two dudes, out on the road in the middle of nowhere on their way to a wedding. They meet up with and piss off the aforementioned horribly disfigured redneck driving a monster truck that looked like it was a prop left over from "Mad Max". A variety of particularly horrible paybacks ensue.

    As films of that genre go, I've gotta admit it really wasn't entirely awful. I've seen worse, anyway. It was however, very violent and gory. Very. I did say "very", didn't I?

    Of course, bein on the SciFi Channel, all the naughty words were bleeped...and there was a lotta bleepin goin on. But what really killed us was the fact that they digitized a guy's hand...flippin the bird.

    What the fuck is wrong with us as a society that showin a guy shovin a pencil into another guy's eyeball is A-ok? Showing a dude gettin cut in half is just peachy. But gawd forbid we show somebody givin somebody else the finger.

    What. The. Blue-eyed. Fuck?

    How the hell did it get so damned turned-around? I'd like to know just exactly who or what to blame for this stupid, idiotic, moronic, totally and completely twisted and distorted set of values.

    Gimme a name. I'll go shove a pencil in his eye. And then, just to be perverse, I'll give him the finger.


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