Monday, April 26, 2010

It's about time, doncha think?

Day after tomorrow, we'll have lived here at the River Rat Retreat for three years.
Damn! Time flies when you're havin fun, eh?

Aaaanywho, we've lived right damn-smack on the river for three years without a boat...until now.

Our newest toy is a 16' Mark Twain Runabout. It's in excellent condition...the guy that we bought it from took exceptional care of it...and it shows.

We bought it Saturday...and, of course, it rained all day. It rained all day Sunday, too, so we haven't had a "maiden" voyage, yet.

It's supposed to rain next weekend, as well. But I'm thinkin we'll be out on that river next weekend, no matter what the weather is.

'Course, a boat has to have a name. Any suggestions?


At 12:02 AM , Blogger Nate said...

Hey! Congrats! That is a nice looking boat and I'm sure you two will have lots of fun hours with it. As for a name, I'm gonna have to ponder that a bit. "Changes in Attitudes" comes to mind immediately but maybe that's too easy.

At 4:51 AM , Blogger Randall said...

Lollygaggin would be the perfect name. What else would one be doing on the river? Laying back, cruising, fishing, drinking beer. Just plain lollygaggin.

At 3:36 PM , Blogger Unknown said...

i'd ask you to name it after me but i suppose i'd have to spin gold out of my hair.... i'm far too lazy for that....

Congrats!! and enjoy!!

At 6:14 PM , Blogger Pammy said...

Nate, I thought of that...but there's not a lotta room on the transom.

PAP, that was my first's fitting, huh? heh

SusieQ, LOL!

At 10:31 PM , Anonymous MrsDoF said...

Somewhere cruising the 'Net, I saw a painting of a boat in Florida, Vitamin Sea and thought it nifty name for a boat.
A gal along the river in the Heartland, eh, maybe not so much.


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