Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The big blow

Dang. We just had one helluva storm here. Even freaked me out a little...and I love storms.

A ginormus limb from a tree in our neighbor's yard fell and knocked their power line there's currently (hehe..."current"...get it?) a live wire laying in between the two houses. They weren't home, so I called Ameren. 'Course, I just hadda go out in the yard and check it out for myself.

We didn't have much damage...just our tomato plants. Dammit. The poor things have had one rough season...they've survived a major flood, unseasonably cold temps and blistering heat. They finally gave up.

The storm headed across the river and off to the north east.

Didn't seem to scare the pelicans off, though.


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