Wednesday, August 12, 2009

My face hurts...

...along with every other body part.

I've been Buffetized.

I think I might be gettin too old fer this shit. I'm tellin might take me a week or so to recover from the Buffett concert...the tailgating part, anyway...but it's somethin I'll never forget.

Thanks to YouTube, even Alzheimer's can't erase the memory. heh

This one is a bit long...5 minutes or so...but be sure to watch it all. Pearls of wisdom, people. Pearls of wisdom. This is just one reason that my face hurts.

"...potentially apocryphal..." hehehe

The whole experience was...fabulous. Except for the rain. The cold, drenching rain. That we had to walk a mile in.

These clouds didn't just threaten...they delivered on their threat. Just as we started walking the mile or so from the parkin lot to the venue. Now, the simple fact that I walked a mile pretty much amazed me. Add to that, the fact that I walked a mile in the pouring rain...while, for all practical purposes, shit-faced drunk...well...I wouldn't'a done it for just anybody.

'Course, part of the fun was the prep for the decorating the windows of the man-van. We did discover that we're mere novices when it comes to decorating a vehicle for a Buffett concert. Some were pretty extravagant.

As soon as we got to the venue, we started settin up our portable kitchen/living room.

A couple of fellow Parrot heads

No Buffett tailgate party is complete without a filthy-mouthed, talking parrot.

We be partyin'.

I was so mad at myself...all the other people in our group had been to a Buffett concert before...and they all told us to not take our cameras or cell phones into the concert...they weren't allowed and if we got caught, we'd have 'em confiscated. So we paid attention and locked 'em up in the van.

Well, shit.

Nobody searched anything...not at the entrance. Not during the concert.

Not that I coulda gotten a decent shot of JB, anyway...we were just too far away. But I coulda got a ton of great photos of the other concert-goers...all 22,000 of 'em.

I'm tellin ya...22,000 people, all singing "Margaritaville" or "Last Mango in Paris" was pretty damn impressive. And JB, himself...well, it was just freakin awesome. The simple fact that ya can put 22,000 people, of every age...all together...anywhere...with probably 75% of 'em in various stages of drunkenness...and not have a single fight or disturbance was pretty freakin amazing, too.

JB did a fantastic cover of "Rocky Raccoon". 'Course, Ziggy and I were the only ones in our close vicinity singing along at the top of our lungs. About half-way through, some little binky tapped Zig on the arm and shouted, "Isn't this an awesome song?" Zig replied, " was awesome 40 years ago, too!" heh

Our seats weren't the best...on the "lawn"...but it was so relaxed and just...nice...once the rain stopped, anyway. We were about where the black dot is...

It really is a nice venue for something like that.

Anywho, I'm poopin out...and you're probably sick of reading all this.

It was great and we had a blast.

Took me long enough to say that, huh? heh


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