Saturday, August 08, 2009

Buffett or bust!

We are indeed, the people our parents warned us about.

And we'll prove that on Tuesday. I have every intention of makin a complete ass of myself.

But I won't be alone.

Monday, we're headin out to Indianapolis for our first-ever Jimmy Buffett concert. This weekend, we're busy sprucin up the man-van and fillin it with staples and "accessories" for the pre-concert tailgate party on Tuesday.

I'm so excited! We've been fans forever, but have never had the opportunity to see JB live.

We have the perfect accessories for tailgaitin, too. Parrot-themed bottle cozies. I'm sure they'll keep our Landshark perfectly chilled. Thanks, Mary! We love 'em.

I'm takin the camera and the Flip, so I'll have tons of pictures/vids to share. Unfortunately, I hear they aren't allowed in the actual concert. But I'm thinkin some of the best stuff will happen before.


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