Sunday, August 16, 2009

Asian Carp and Mayflies...oh my!

So we're in the middle of another big Mayfly "bloom". It's the biggest one so far this year. They usually bloom the first time in...well...May...duh?. But didn't this year. I suppose the April flood messed up their schedule. We've had a couple of small blooms, but nothing like today's.

I snagged this YouTube clip from our local newspaper today. It's the PJStar's wildlife columnist, bow and arrow fishing for Asian night...right here on the river, very near our little River Rat Retreat. In fact, if we'd been watching whatever night they shot this, we'd have seen 'em.

Gawd...I'd love to try this sometime. It looks like a hoot!

Now if I could just figure out a way to cash in on Mayflies and Asian Carp, we'd retire to Belize and live on the beach. (sigh)


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