Wednesday, May 27, 2009

So the search begins

You might remember that our much-loved 'vert, pictured here in Florida on one of our vacations, was replaced earlier this spring due to a bad transmission. All things considered, it would have been just too costly to replace.

Now that we've had a few nice days this spring, we're really startin to miss 'er. Bad.

So we've decided that we'd buy another convertible of some type. It doesn't have to be new and it doesn't have to be fancy...a third car that we can tool around in in the nice weather and store in the winter. A "play" car.

Now there happens to be a used-car lot...and I use that term very in our little town. Let's just say that, if one were to pass this particular location, one might mistake it for a junk yard. In fact, it does boast of it's very own junkyard it were.

Ok, so it's a...beagle. But he's pretty ferocious-sounding. Sorta.

Aaaanywho, da Zigmeister happened to spot a 'vert in the lot. A '91 Chrysler Le Baron that looked pretty much like this one...

But, as most of us know, looks can be deceiving...especially when it comes to used cars.

We go to check it out this morning and the owner ambles out, offering Zig a set of keys.

What he says is, "Go ahead and take 'er for a ride." But with a pretty pronounced speech impediment, it sounds more like, "O head n thnake 'er fo a rhide."

The car looks pretty decent. You can tell it's been loved...but not very well taken care of. The top is new...but the back windows (electric, of course) are stuck in the "up" position. The tires aren't bad. It's got a new engine, but since the odometer...nor speedometer, for that matter...doesn't work, we're not sure how many miles is on it.

Ok, so we can deal with all that...after's supposed to be just a play car. We won't be takin any long trips in it.

So da Zigster gets in and tries to start it. It cranks. And cranks. And cranks.

He starts to take the key out to give it back to the guy...and the whole ignition thingy comes out...with the key still stuck in it.

"Whell...schtick it bah in there an thry it agin."

Zig shoves it back into the gaping hole, cranks it again...and it fires right up, sounding like a small version of a jet engine.

Through my hysterical laughter, I say, " least we wouldn't hafta worry about anybody stealing it."

Zig looks at me and asks if I wanna go on the test drive.

I say no...I think it's better that I stay there...with the junkyard beagle and the old guy...just in case he needs someone to come and get him.

I sit in the man-van, smoke a cigarette and wait 10 minutes.

I see him coming back down 29, slow to turn into the lot...and notice...he's not using his turn signal.

Yea. Those don't work, either.

I think we'll keep looking.


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