Sunday, May 24, 2009

Whatta day, whatta day....

...whatta glorious day!

The weather was fabulous, so we headed outside this morning to work on a few "projects". We love projects around here.

First, we manhandled our dining table outside and da Zigster gave it a good sanding. About 6-7 years ago, in my "Kandinsky phase", I painted the tabletop in a brightly-colored abstract, emulating a Kandinsky painting. I was kinda sad to see it go, but it was time. I was gettin tired of it. Now, it's a nice, satiny-finish black.

While he painted, I picked up a fraction of the thirty-gazillion pieces of driftwood that the flood washed into the yard.

Then we headed off to our little local hardware store. I looove that's almost like one of those old-fashioned general stores...they have everything from paint to
  • Anti-Monkey Butt Powder

  • I wish I'd have taken the Flip and done a little video. Next trip, fer sure.

    So we came home and I planted one of our purchases from Geiger's...a little pot of basil. I planted some from seed, but it was growin far too slowly to suit me.

    We hauled the table back in and while Zig spiffed up the deck, I started on our Memorial weekend feast. The other day, while at Schnuck's, I snagged a bag'o mussels and some crab claws. I threw in a handful of shrimp that I already had.

    Add a Caprese salad, some crusty bread to sop up da garlicky-buttery-seafoody juice and Voila! We had a party.

    Before the feeding frenzy.

    After the feeding frenzy.

    I know. It looks like an enormous pile of food for two people. But it takes about three mussels for a good bite and the crab claws weren't much better. And we didn't eat it all. Just enough to stuff ourselves.

    We did have a few visitors during our feast...but they wouldn't stay to eat.

    And, as if our gorgeous view isn't enough, we had this to look at while we chowed.

    Now Ziggy's snoring softly in the recliner...and I'm seriously thinkin about joinin him.


    I'm tellin ya...this exciting life we lead is exhausting. heh


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