Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Who knew??

Anthony Hopkins...Hannibal the Cannibal, hisownself...Sir friggin Anthony Hopkins...

An American Idol fan??

Sho'nuf. He's right up front, clappin his ass off.

Now I don't feel quite so...lame. heh

Whatta contest. These two finalists can sing they's asses off. I love 'em both...but I think I like Kris just a teeny bit better. Adam's too...just too...perfect. Know what I mean?


Ok, Adam's version of "Change is Gonna Come" just blew my socks off. Wait. I'm not wearin socks. Well, it woulda.

Update II:

Looooved Kris' "What's Goin On". Screw you, Simon.

Update III

Kara's song sucketh. Makes me think of the Mother Superior singin "Climb Every Mountain" in The Sound of Music. Adam had a big mountain to climb with that one...and I think he only got halfway.

Good gawd. Kris didn't make it more than halfway, either.

They should be shot for makin 'em sing that drivel.


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