Saturday, May 23, 2009

Sometime between the picnic and the partying...

...take just a moment to remember why.

And after the parties and the picnics are over, please make a donation to
  • Honor Flight

  • I caught the tail end of a piece about this organization on the news tonight and ironically, I read about it again while browsing through the
  • local paper

  • I know times are tough. And I'm certainly not one to urge people to anything. But this is near and dear to my heart...even more to Ziggy's.

    We're losing about 1,000 World War II vets a day. This organization provides trips free of charge for our remaining WWII vets to visit memorials dedicated to honor their service and sacrifices.

    And Honor Flight isn't stopping with WWII veterans.

    "Subsequent to the World War II veterans, our efforts will then focus on our Korean War and then Vietnam War veterans, honoring them similarly."

    You can donate any amount you want...and you can do it online. Easy-peasy.

    For the price of that hamburger or hot dog...or that Corona or two...that you'll enjoy this weekend, you can help send a vet to Washington.

    That's a damn small price to pay...considering what they did for us.


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