Thursday, May 21, 2009

They're not normal

I've owned cats my whole life. Or rather, they've owned me.

But I've never had a pair of cats that are as...bizarre?...neurotic? these two. I bought them a perfectly lovely, plush cat bed. In our living room, there's a big, cushy recliner and a nice soft sofa. Each bedroom has a bed. But do they sleep or otherwise hang out in any of those nice places?

Hell no.

Meet Wingnut and Deadbolt. Da boys. Otherwise known as Stewie and Simon.

Zig's dirty, stinky work clothes are like catnip to 'em.

They love, love, love to hang out...and sleep...on the loft ladder. It's supposed to hang on a big cleat on the wall, out of the way until we need it. But because da boys love it so much, we leave it down.

After having fallen asleep on the ladder a time or two...and fallen off...Stewie now braces his head against the rail and snoozes away.

Stewie also likes our wicker chest in the bedroom. Didja ever try to get cat hair out of a piece of wicker?

He's also been known to catch forty winks on our table...but the light bothers him.

"Ewww! Sour!"

Simon's no slouch when it comes to unusual positions, either.


"What's for supper, Ma? Got any tuna?"


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