Wednesday, October 08, 2008

I think

I think they need to change the rules for political campaigning.

Instead of debates, or campaigns or town-hall meetings or advertising, I think they should just place both candidates in a cage and let 'em have at it.

They could just cuss and kick and lie and scratch and punch and insult each other without having to provide any real answers as to what they'd do as president...or congressperson...or state rep...or governor...or mayor...or whatever office they're runnin for.

Whomever wins...or comes out the least bloody...gets whatever office they're runnin for.

We could call it "American Politicianator".


I think October is the prettiest month of the year. Ya got the bright blue sky with big, white, fluffy clouds. Ya got the still-bright green grass. Ya got the, gold, green, yellow and every shade in between. Orange pumpkins, multi-colored Indian corn and squash of every color.


I think 18th Congressional District hopeful
  • Aaron Schock
  • kinda scares me. He's like...too perfect. Ya just know he's being groomed for presidential material. He's young, handsome, intelligent, rich and he's got a plan, man. He wants to rule the world.

    I dunno...anybody ever check his head for
  • the mark
  • ?


    I think I had a really shitty day yesterday. I didn't feel too perky to begin with. Then I threw a hissy fit in my old medical clinic. I stopped in to have my records transferred to another place 'cause my doc moved to Louisville. They tried to stick me with 86 cents a page!! to have another company copy the records and send them to my new doc. Those fuckers have made an obscene amount of money from me...both from my insurance and co-pays...and they want me to pay another company that they contract with to copy my records and send them? Fuck that! My new doc's on his own. And he doesn't know it yet, but I'm gonna make them gimme a copy of everything every time I see him. I'll keep my own damn records.

    Then I dribbled Starbucks all down the front of my white shirt. I dropped my work badge between the console and the passenger seat of the car and like ta never got the bastard out. Two of my clients stood me up. I got soooo lost out by Lake the pouring rain, no less...tryin to find another and never did, despite four calls to her. (She was evidently as directionally challenged as I am.)

    The icing on the cake was when I ran over a raccoon the size of a Grizzly bear...I shit you not. It felt like I hit a fuckin cow. I hate accidentally hittin animals like that.

    But I gotta tell felt really good when I put the car in reverse and hit 'im again. And again. And again. heh


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