Friday, November 30, 2007

Let's do a little sidestep

So the Peoria County Board "supports the concept" of
  • building a multi-million boondoggle/Altar of Worship of the Great Yellow God
  • down by the river.

    But they don't know if they support it enough to do something like...actually help pay for it.

    Yea. And *I* support the concept of colonoscopies. But I'm not plannin on doin that anytime soon, either.

    Sunday, November 25, 2007

    Things to do on a dreary, cold Sunday

    Take a photo of the season's first (gag) snow. It didn't stick around long, thank gawd.

    Put up the Christmas tree and decorate it with red balls, red LED lights, red dangly things, red maribou feather garland...

    ...and a red parrot in a Santa hat for the tree topper. Looks like somethin you'd find in a whorehouse. But I like it.

    Dress the cat in a lion "cat hat".

    Entertain your wife by donning said "cat hat".

    Saturday, November 24, 2007

    Harvest moon

    It was especially beooootiful tonight.

    What would Thanksgiving be without...

    ...the post-prandial, tryptophan-induced stupor?

    Even Stewie got in on the action. Uh....inaction. And all he had was kibble.

    Monday, November 19, 2007

    Hiatus over

    Betch'yall wanna know where I've been and what I've been up to, doncha?

    Ok, maybe a couple of ya do.

    Well, I've been to the desert on a horse with no name. Uh. Wait. That's not exactly right.

    I've been bad. I've been good. Dallas, Texas...Hollywood. Um. Nope. Not those places, either.

    The truth of the matter is, life is what happened to me while I was busy making other plans. Well, that and I just got tired of blogging, talking about blogging, bloggers and anything else having to do with the "b" word.

    But I think I'm bettah.

    I've also been busy watching the flora and fauna around the little beach house. Mostly fauna. The flora is pretty much kaput for the season. The fauna, however, remains a constant source of entertainment for us.

    Some big, ole white pelican-type fauna.

    And squirrel-type fauna.

    At first, we thought he/she was an albino. But he/she's actually a blonde. I think I'll name him/her "Marilyn".

    Can't wait to spot my first bald eagle.

    What is it about this time of year that makes you feel like a hamster on a wheel? It's not just the holidays, though I'm sure that's part of it. I mean, we have a teeny-tiny little family and we don't do a humongous "holiday thing", so it's not the cooking and the shopping and the travel and all the other overwhelming crap that comes with having holidays with big families.

    It just seems like there's fewer hours in the day and more things to fill it with.

    Anywho, I'm back. Sorta.

    (Thanks for wondering about me, Scott.)