Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Whatta suprise!

Remember that "old friend" that I mentioned in the previous post?

Yup. It was the "Belle of the Night" - Port of Havana. Some of you locals might remember...she was the riverboat that was Pekin for a couple of years. Prior to that, she'd been a failed restaurant in Havana. She's now moored somewhere near Grafton, on the Missouri side. Unfortunately, she still looks like she's empty...deserted. Whatta complete shame. None of the locals seemed to know much about her, except that they'd heard that someone had bought her for $50,000. Methinks the owner took quite a bath on that little venture. When they first brought her to Havana and fixed her all up, we'd heard that they had in the neighborhood of a mil and a half in 'er. I know, for a fact, they hauled a buncha Amish in to do all the woodworkin...and Amish woodworkers don't come cheap.

And a few more photos from our Labor Day weekend...

Anybody ever tried any "Tequila Rose"? Ooooooo.....

Me and the "princess" at Kinder's.

The locale of where we were is really special. It's right on a slough of the Mississippi. It's also very private...very few people live there full time. See, when the area flooded in '93, FEMA came in and bought a few out. Some lost their homes, but chose to keep the property, so they've pulled in their RV's and set 'em up semi-permanently. And they use golf carts to get back and forth between the homes and RV's. It's really like a big, extended family. Everyone kinda looks out for the other. I like that.

I wish I'd have taken a picture of Jules' boyfriend's place. It's a great, three-level cedar home. The lower lever is sort of a 'service' area and huuuuuge covered patio, where we spent most of our time. The upper two levels both have large decks overlookin the river. It was just very cool.

I've got a couple more photos to post, but per usual, Blogger seems to have PMS this morning. The first few loaded just peachy, but now....nothin.


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