Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I dunno. "Honeymoon" just sounds kinda...silly

I mean...good lawd. We're both in our 50's. Well, he's more into it than I am. heh And we've lived together for six years.

Honeymoon, schmoneymoon.

But. Since my boss and my boss's boss have been so gracious as to let me take a week off after the Cheeseburgerweddingpalooza, we decided that we oughta do something. Uh. Well, there's that, too. But I'm not in the mood to talk about sex. heh

I mean, we ought to go somewhere.

The thing is, we can't decide where.

The Keys, of course, would be our first choice. But we've only got a week, so that'll hafta wait til next spring.

I suggested New Orleans. We've both been wanting to go back and we could get there in a day. It'd still give us three or four days there. But 'Nawlins in August? Hmmmm. Might be a tad bit on the steamy side. Literally. Though probably not a whole lot worse than here. And at least it has waaaay more interesting people to watch.

We kicked around the idea of somewhere in Wisconsin. A little cooler, maybe. We've kinda kicked around the idea of somewhere in Tennessee...we love the mountains, though we've only driven through 'em on the way to and from Florida.

We've kicked around the idea of just taking a couple-three one or two day trips around here. But quite honestly, I've been to just about every tourist trap/park/place of interest around here...and I'm not too thrilled with that idea. Corn. Lotsa corn.

So, I'm seeking suggestions.

We're not really into the "big city" thing. Well, except for 'Nawlins. We like quirky, off the beaten path places. We like being around the water. We much prefer little cabins or odd-ball motels to swanky hotels. We love to just hang out, drink a few beers in colorful waterin-holes and people-watch. A "barefoot" kinda trip, ya know?

Tell me...where would you go if you only had a week and only wanted to spend a day or less to get there? From central Illinois, I mean.

C'mon, peeps. Hit me with your best shot.


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