Thursday, May 17, 2007

This thing I do

So, it seems that
  • Scott's
  • meme cherry has been popped with a "why do you blog?" meme. It's pretty simple, really. Just list five reasons why you blog and then tag four other people.

    And he's tagged moi.

    Now, I'm reasonably sure it's because he realllly wants to know my thoughts on it. Either that, or he just couldn't think of anyone else dumb enough to do it. (just kiddin, Scott)

    Anywho, why do I blog?

    1. I'll be damned if I know.

    2. I like exercises in futility.

    3. I like to hear myself type.

    4. Because it's all about it should be.

    5. I like to say things that shock and embarrass people...especially my daughter. Like when I talk about old, fat women like me having.....SEX.

    Ok, so ya want the real reasons?



    Lemme think.




    Ok, while I'm thinkin, I'll keep it local and tag
  • Jen
  • ,
  • Chef Kev
  • ,
  • PI
  • and the one...the only...
  • Vonster
  • .

    Ok, I'm done thinkin. Those are the real reasons.


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