Monday, December 11, 2006


Dodged that particular bullet.

Well, for now anyway.

I have a lot of calcifications in my breasticles, which is normal for an old chick like me. But there was one particular little spot that looked suspicious, so I hadda have a magnified mammogram today.
The doc says the suspicious spot is something called "Milk of Calcium". He looked all of twelve years old, so I hope he's some kind of child genius when it comes to reading mammograms. I looked it up, but can only find loooong, detailed PDF files about it.

His simplified explanation was that it's a little something extra with the calcifications, that can sometimes develop into cancerous tumors, so I'll hafta have a mammogran (aahahahaha...I typed "mammoGRAN"...perfect) every six months until they're certain it isn't changing.

Lemme tell ya...I'm just not a worrier. I prefer to put worrisome things aside...I'll think about that tommorrah......but I was worried. As with most stressful things I've had to deal with I was ok. Until after it was over.

When I got home and saw the look of concern on Ziggy's face, I said, "It's ok."

And I cried.

Despite the "normal" upsetting things that most of us have to go through at one time or another...losing loved ones, divorce...ya know..just the general "life things", I really have lead a charmed life. I've never had a catastrophic illness. Never been in a horrific car crash. Never been a victim of a violent crime. I know "bad" is subjective, but nothing really bad has ever happened to me.

I figured I was past due for ole Karma to creep up and bite me a good one in the ass, ya know?

Anywho, thanks so much for all your good thoughts and prayers. I really, really appreciated 'em.


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