Friday, December 01, 2006

Snow birds

Ok, so we were goin with a "Christmas in the Keys" theme on our tiki patio. We filled our planter boxes with a mixture of cut greens and stuck the flamingos in. I even found some pink twinkle lights to thread amongst the greenery.

And then... looks like I'm gettin what I wished for...eight inches.

I guess I should be more specific when I make a wish, huh?

I haven't seen this many closures due to weather in...oh...I don't know how long. Oh, all the schools...that's a given. But, gas stations? Beauty parlors? Banks? Doctor's offices? Bradley University? The courthouse? The city! Uh huh...the City of Peoria is closed today. Well, the city building, anyway. Hell, even Peoria's mass transit is shut down.

I've gotta admit, it's a disgusting kinda way. I'd be even more disgusted if I hadda get out in this mess. But I don't. My office is closed, too! Yippeeeeee! A snow day!


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