Wednesday, November 22, 2006

If I was a smart woman...

...I would have written something like this:

Bottom line; spirituality is not the patented invention of Christianity, and intellect is not the sole proprietership of atheists. If someone wants to wall off an area of irrationality in their lives where they choose to believe in a god, that is their right as free men. I am more concerned that they agree to our secular compact for society. The Christian’s right to swing his religion around ends at my tax dollars, which is to say at the boundary of our schools, our courthouses, our laws, and our science. The founding fathers made no mistake when they made no mention of God in the Constitution. But they again made no mistake by guaranteeing the freedom to practice individual beliefs.

This would be a good time for atheists to come out of the unbelieving closet. Let our Christian neighbors see us as the individuals they have always known. Staying hidden only lets the perception of atheism fall to the loudest, and in many cases the least palatable, expressions of what should be a humanistic way of being.

We are going to be together on this Earth a long time, we atheists, Christians, Muslims, Hindus, and Buddhists. For thousands of years we’ve been killing one another over our disagreements. Let’s stop doing that, and stop compelling thought, speech, and personal taboos of one another. We can discuss and persuade one another with safety only in a society where everyone is free. The next few centuries might make all the ones before - even this one - seem like a dark age.

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