Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Six degrees of separation...

...of my newest "favorite things".

I'll start with
  • Sunsweet Ones

  • They're prunes...ah...excuse me...dried plums. I'm sure that calling them dried plums is a little more palatable to the general public. Whatever. They're prunes.

    They're good for you. They're delicious. They're really handy to stash in your desk at work for a little nosh. They're also damned dangerous. Four or five of those sweet, gooey little blobs of dried fruit is like Drano for your colon.

    Try 'em. But be sure to be somewhere close to a bathroom within three or four hours of tryin 'em.

    Bathroom. That leads me right into my next favorite thing. My new shower curtain, snagged recently at Tarjay.

    The print is really reminiscent of the work of mid-century artist/illustrator,
  • Charley Harper

  • I love it. It makes me smile every time I walk into the bathroom. After eating prunes. heh

    Which segues right into my third, newest "favorite thing".

  • Relics
  • , 3402 NE Adams in Peoria.

    I've glanced at the little shop uncounted times on my way to and from work, but never had the opportunity to stop. I read
  • Miz Peepers'
  • post about it last night and decided that today was the day.

    Love. It. It's cool and funky and just...well...my kinda place.

    But what does this little shop have to do with bathrooms and Charley Harper illustrations you might ask?

    Well, they have a selection of darling little pendants with Charley Harper-like illustrations of birds and trees.

    I didn't get one because I just couldn't decide which one I liked best. But for $12.95, I think maybe I could fit a couple into my budget.

    I did scoop up a Gingerbread Cookie (Oooooo!)
  • Black Crow Candle

  • They're made locally and they're just about the best-smelling, longest-lasting candle I've ever found.

    They had a huge selection of old advertising cards, circa 1940's, from one of the chi-chi, but unfortunately now-defunct downtown department stores, so I grabbed a few of those, as well. I love the simple, clean graphics of them. I think I'll frame 'em and hang 'em in the spare bedroom.

    And, for my Starbucks Coffee stash...

    So that, dear readers, is how my mind works. From prunes to quaint little shops.

    Scary, huh?


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