Friday, October 23, 2009

A perfect example of the dumbing down of America

"I don't know when the oil needs to be changed. All you do is press a little button. It automatically runs a vehicle health report and it sends it directly either to my phone or email."

Um...I don't know when the oil needs to be changed??? Howz about takin a peek at that little sticker up in the left hand side of your windshield that the nice service guys put there every time they change the oil, Binkie?

If you don't have the slightest idea when your oil needs changed in your car, you're too stupid to be driving, anyfuckingway.

And, of course, having your choice of colored ambient lighting is very important when choosing a new vehicle.

Binkie chooses pink. Isn't she special?

I think maybe her parents should have looked into some plastic surgery for those ears, rather than buying Binkie a new car with pick lighting.

Kill me. Kill me now.

Sorry, Ford. If you wanna cater to 20 year olds with the maturity of a 6th grader, I'll be looking elsewhere for my next new vehicle.


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