Sunday, October 04, 2009

Those damned cats!

They're cheap entertainment

So. Stewie...the older of the two...was neutered when he was about 5 months old. Simon, about a year old...has not been.


See, we had an appointment to get Simon fixed a couple months ago. The day before his appointment, the receptionist called and said that our vet was quite ill and he was closing up shop for a while and wasn't sure when he'd be back...or if.

I've been putting off calling another vet because I loooove this one. He doesn't require indoor cats to have any shots...rabies, included. He doesn't test the cats to death. He just does what I ask and that's it. Period. I'm hoping he'll recover...soon.

In the meantime, Simon has...uh...well, come into kitty adolescence.

While both cats have always been cautiously friendly, within the last several days, Simon has become quite...ah...enamored of Stewie. He follows him around, making these little, whining/purring brrrrrrrr...brrrrrr...brrrrrrrrr noises, then he'll alternate with a loud, moaning Rrrrrroooooooowwwwww! He wants to be everywhere Stewie is.

He reminds me, for all the world, of Pepe LaPew.

Simon...with his best...come hither look.

It's damn funny stuff.

Stewie, of course, having never tasted the sweet, sweet wine of testosterone, is having none of it. He seems quite peeved about the whole situation.

He tries to get away, climbing to the very tippy-top of the loft ladder, where he's got a good defense situation. Simon's kind of a pussy...pun intended...when it comes to climbing way up high. And if he does work up enough courage to climb up there, Stewie can shoot him down with one swat.

I kinda feel bad for Simon. Bless him wittle heart...he's got all these...feelings...and he just doesn't know what to do with 'em.

But I'm reasonably sure that he thinks Stewie's got a purty mouth and he wants to make him squeal like a pig.

I'm either gonna hafta find another vet and get Simon fixed, post-haste...or buy Stewie a Village People costume. heh


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