Monday, July 13, 2009

A friend might bail you out of jail...

...but a good friend will be sittin beside you in the cell, sayin, "Damn... that was fun!"

No, we didn't wind up in jail, though I'm pretty sure there was a law or two broken somewhere along the way. heh

This edition of the "Grannies Gone Wild" weekend has been deemed a resounding success.

We drank a few beers, ate really well and lost our asses at the casino.

Unfortunately, my ass found it's way back home, dammit. It must have it's own built-in GPS system. No matter where I lose the damn thing, it always finds it's way back.

We also laughed like hyenas more than a few times, talked until our lips were numb, slept like we were dead and just had a damn fine time, in general.

Friday's trip down was fun. The constant stream of chatter made the nearly 4 hour trip seem pretty short. We got to St. Charles, got checked in at the hotel and I called "The Princess" to let her know we were there. As soon as she got off work, she buzzed by to make plans for the evening. I hadn't seen her since Easter, and she looked pretty much the same...except for that big, honkin diamond ring on her left ring finger.

We decided we'd hit one of our favorite spots downtown,
  • RT Weilers
  • for a few drinks and supper. Great food and service, nice, upscale, "family-bar" type atmosphere. If you're ever in the downtown St. Charles area, I highly recommend it.

    Feeling lucky, we decided to hit the casino after supper. And that's all I'm gonna say about that.

    Saturday dawned...overcast and slightly steamy. Not really feeling like shopping, Jules had the brilliant idea to take the Golden Eagle ferry (13 bucks per carload, round-trip) back across the river to the Illinois side to another favorite of ours and have some lunch at
  • Kinder's
  • . So we did, and it was the perfect outing. 'Course, I'm happy anywhere around water.

    While waiting on the food, (they have an awesome collection of appetizers) Jules did a little texting and Jill...well, I think she had a nap. heh

    After our fabulous al fresco lunch, we headed back across the river...again...and decided to do a little shopping. So we did.

    Saturday evening found us back at the casino...again. Ok, so we didn't tear the place up. But we had fun.

    We did score a super deal on supper at the casino buffet, though. Jill had a coupon, and with her "casino points", supper for two (which would have been in the neighborhood of fifty bucks) wound up costing just eight. The food was uncommonly good for a casino buffet, too. The desserts, however, were just short of spectacular.

    I'm pretty sure that that sugar free coconut cream pie helped cancel out the flan...and the cheesecake...and the brownie.

    Ok, so we didn't eat it all. We just...sampled.

    Sunday morning found us meeting up with Jules again for an artery-clogging breakfast at Waffle House before our long drive home. I ain't lyin when I told ya we ate good. Ain't nothin better than greasy eggs and grits at Waffle House. heh

    Anywho, the weekend was an all-out, genuine blast. If we'd have actually done something win a little on the slots...well, it'd have been nice. But I don't think even that could have made it more fun.

    Now you'll hafta excuse me. I'm in the midst of making supper. A great....big....


    I think I'll be eatin a lotta salad this week. heh


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