Tuesday, April 29, 2008

If this is your idea of "religion"...

...then, I'll have the soup.

Ya know, when they first raided the YFZ ranch in Texas, I'll admit...I felt just a teeny twinge of sorry for the mothers who had their kids yanked away. I suppose I still feel a little sorry for 'em...they've all been brainwashed, the stupid cows. They know not what they do.

The men, on the other hand...especially the old, lop-eared bastards that run the joint...ya know...the ones that like to fuck little girls? I'd say I hope they rot in hell...except I don't believe in that, either.

State officials raided the FLDS's Yearning For Zion Ranch in Eldorado on April 3. They took custody of 463 children on the belief that the sect's practice of underage and polygamous spiritual marriages endangered the children.

A number of girls first listed as adults were reclassified as minors as Child Protective Services, a division of Family and Protective Services, moved the children last week from a mass shelter in San Angelo to foster care facilities around the state, including some near San Marcos, in central Texas.

On Monday, CPS announced that almost 60 percent of the underage girls living on the Eldorado ranch either have children or are pregnant.

Of the 53 girls between the ages of 14 and 17 who are in state custody, 31 either have given birth or are expecting, Azar said.

And this...this is an abomination.

WESTON, Wis. - Two parents who prayed as their 11-year-old daughter died of untreated diabetes were charged Monday with second-degree reckless homicide.

Family and friends had urged Dale and Leilani Neumann to get help for their daughter, but the father considered the illness “a test of faith” and the mother never considered taking the girl to the doctor because she thought her daughter was under a “spiritual attack,” the criminal complaint said.

“It is very surprising, shocking that she wasn’t allowed medical intervention,” Marathon County District Attorney Jill Falstad said. “Her death could have been prevented.”

The whole sad, infuriating story is
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    How dare we condemn the fundamentalist Muslims for their beliefs when shit like this goes on right here. Just how the hell arrogant are we?

    Now, I realize that we're talkin about the nth degree of "Christian" fundamentalism here. But I'm thinkin there's a pretty fine line between "faithful" and "zealot". Just a little tweak to the thinkin and...boom!...you're there.

    And, that is what scares the ever-lovin shit outa me about religion.

    Ya know, I really don't give a rat's ass what people believe in. God. Buddha. Mohammed. The Flyin Spaghetti Monster. Whatever gets ya through the day. But ya don't force your beliefs on me...or innocent kids.

    Do I believe in a "higher power"? Nope. I do, however, believe that there's a whole lotta evil out there, hiding behind the mask of "Christianity".


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