Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Got my first sunburn of the season today. It was an awesome 80 degrees. The last couple of days, everything has just burst into bloom. The river has gone down enough that I could do a little beachcombin. I looooove walkin along the rocky beach, lookin for interesting shells...unusual rocks...sculptural pieces of driftwood...dead carp. heh

No carp today, though, but I did spot a dead bullhead. Perfect eatin' size, too. I'm definitely gettin a fishin license this year. Even if I don't catch a damn thing, I'll have fun drownin the worms.

I also finished up the planter boxes on the deck with some springerii fern, planted a big-ass pot of various herbs...rosemary, basil and Italian parsley and transplanted some chives that miraculously survived the miserable winter. Oh, and I planted a couple caladium in a shady spot that doesn't seem to grow anything else.

Now I'm keepin my fingers crossed that we don't get a frost. I'll be one pissed Pammy. heh

Rocky beach

Clear water

Guardian of the River Rat Retreat This was one of Ziggys' Christmas presents last year. I was beginnin to think we wouldn't ever get to put 'im up.


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