Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Kiss my ass. I'm goin RED.

My little contribution to "Earth Day". (snort)

  • Tammi's post
  • stirred up a whole hornet's nest of thoughts in my little pointy head. She's not alone in her sentiments.

    It's become the trendy (gag) catchphrase...Go green! But has anybody really thought about what it means to go green? Has anyone really thought about the whole cause and effect thing of going green?

    Go buy a package of those compact fluorescent bulbs. Makes ya feel good to do somethin "green"? Fabulous. Now think about just exactly how much mercury will contaminate the earth when all those millions of bulbs do finally burn out and get thrown out with the regular trash. C'mon...ya know they will.

    Go buy a vehicle that burns ethanol or some other "bio-fuel". Make ya feel good to use less petroleum products? Awesome. Now think about the unprecedented world food shortage that's looming, in part, because we're producing more corn to be used as fuel...not food. Three-quarters of the world might starve, but by gawd, the yuppies can feel gooood about savin the planet, huh?

    Don't, fer gawd's sake, just buy a smaller vehicle, ride-share or try to drive less.

    We essentially did away with glass containers...which can be recycled easily into all sorts of other useful things and don't pose much of an environmental risk...and switched to...plastic. Which has a half-life of like a gazillion years...and which they've now discovered contains chemicals that might cause cancer. Feel good about buyin your plastic-bottled water now? Excellent. Just remember...colostomy bags are plastic, too.

    And don't even get me started on the whole bottled water thing. Good gawd. Don't I just wish I coulda got in on the ground floor of that particular little scam. Don't even tell me that you think it's somehow "healthier" than plain, ole tap water. In most cases, it IS plain, old tap water, doofus.

    Nah. Ziggy and I have decided that we're not buyin into the whole "green" hoo-haa. Nope. We're goin red. Mainly because red's my favorite color. And, I'll admit it. We're selfish. I think the color of selfishness should be red.

    So it is.

    We've replaced most of our incandescent light bulbs with the green ones. But it sure as shit isn't because they're "green". It's because they last longer. And we're too lazy to drag out the ladder to change the bulbs in the ceiling fixtures. It's purely selfish on our part. We're "Going Red!"

    Like Tammi, we don't litter. Not because it's not the "green" thing to do. Because it's the "right" thing to do. I don't wanna look a buncha trash along the streets or highways, so we don't contribute to it. It's purely selfish on our part. We go "red".

    I use canvas totes when I go grocery shoppin. But not because it's "green". Because the totes are a helluva lot easier for me to carry and they hold more. Purely selfish on my part. It makes my life easier. Yup. "Red".

    Ya think all these big companies are "going green" because it's the right thing to do? Please don't tell me you believe that. They're doin it because it's trendy. They're all jumpin on the green bandwagon because it'll make them more money. Bottom line. Plain and simple. They can (and do) charge more for whatever their product is because they can claim it's "green".

    For example, go price a bottle of Windex and then price some green shit that claims to do the same thing. Now, think about it. If that product is "earth friendly", it's probably made up of some pretty simple ingredients. Ingredients that are cheap. In most cases, probably cheaper than whatever the ingredients of Windex is. So ask yerself...why is it more expensive?

    Because the sheeple will eat it up if it says "green" on the label.

    And let's face it...sheeple don't have common sense enough to pour piss out of a boot if the instructions are written on the damn heel. That's why they're sheeple.

    That's really what this all comes down to, though. Common sense. I think our society is sorely lacking in the common sense department.

    Like Tammi, I'm not bendin on this, either. I refuse to buy a product just because it claims to be "green". I refuse to buy a product just because it's trendy.

    The backlash starts here.


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