Friday, April 25, 2008


I'm not exactly a frou-frou kinda gal. As far as clothes go, (if I hafta wear 'em) the simple classics are my choice. I absolutely don't do flowers or ruffles or anything frilly. Oh, and no...or very few...pastels.

I'm not a "girly-girl". Except when it comes to perfume. I like to smell good, but again, nothing overpowering, overly "flowery" or sickening sweet. I like clean with a hint of spicy. I love good perfume. Don't gimme that Avon(gag)shit. Or anything with a celeb's name on it. Most of that crap smells like perfumey horse piss.

For the last year or so, I've been using Philosophy's
  • Amazing Grace
  • . I love the irony of the name as it pertains to me. "Graceful", I ain't. I love the scent and have gotten lots of compliments on it. But it just doesn't last long enough.

    So I did a bit of perfume shoppin today, and snagged a little
  • Euphoria
  • .

    Very nice.


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