Wednesday, March 26, 2008

New feature here at Lollygaggin!

The Honorary "Tit in the Wringer" Award

I like to call things as I see 'em. I also take a perverse delight in the exposure of liars, hypocrites and the like, so I'm planning on making the "Tit in a Wringer" Award a regular feature here at Lollygaggin. I'll include anyone on the local, national or international level, male or female, political or non, that...well...gets their tit caught in a wringer, steps on their dick or otherwise makes some glaring faux pas.

Of course, I'll rely on the extraordinary PhotoShop artistry of the incredible Ziggy to give my "awardees" their proper...well...award. heh

First to be honored is none other than...

The Hildebeest

Um. Yea. Sniper fire. No welcoming ceremony. Running to the cars. Riiiight. Ohhhh, but that statement was a "mistake", wasn't it? Every little detail was a...mistake.

No, no it wasn't, you fucking egomaniacal, power-hungry twat. It was a big, fat LIE. Period. Plain and simple.


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