Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Land of Linkin'

Get it? "Linkin"..."Lincoln" in Illinois. Awww...nevermind. I think it's punny, anyway.

Just a trip around the blogosphere and elsewhere, along with my comments. 'Cause I got nothin original of my own to say.

This stand on
  • abstinence
  • will go down in the annals of history as one of the funniest I've ever read.
    Heh heh heh...she said ANALS.

    "Also, I truly believe that a hubby who wants a virgin bride might be a bit put off if he can wear your anus like a hat."

    For obvious reasons, this gal's blog has become one of my favorite haunts.

    And because I love
  • irony
  • so much.

    "Nonsense pee pee pants."

    I really like how this guy thinks, too.

  • Leslie
  • thinks
  • this
  • might be a lotta hoo haa to promote the HPV vaccine. I won't argue with her. Statistics can be skewed. However, I do know for a fact, that the STD rates in Peoria County are astronomical. In fact, it shocked even me...and I ain't shocked by nothin anymore. One in four might be an under-estimate.

    I'll also point out that Gardasil wasn't approved by the FDA until 2006...and this study was done in 2003/2004.

    Yea. We reap what we sow, don't we? We're too pussy to teach our kids about sex, I'll just go into a rant that'll make my head spin around.

    So, I was havin a little problem seein street signs, house numbers, etc. Since that's part of my job, I figured I needed my eyes checked, so I trotted right down to Bard Optical last week to...well...get my eyes checked. Duh.

    Four hundred fifty and some odd bucks later, and I have new glasses.

    Now, I know I've got a tough prescription. I have no doubt I'd be declared legally blind if I didn't have my glasses on. And I know that the tougher the script, the more bucks it costs. But...c'mon. Four hundred and fifty fuckin bucks?? And I didn't even get the "designer" frames. Oh, they're cute and stylish. But they don't have "Vera Wang" or "Marc Jacobs" stamped on 'em. So. Fuckin. What? They still cost me $139. As opposed to the $279...and up...for "designer".

    See, the thing is, I not only think of glasses as a necessity...I think of 'em as kind of an...accessory. Like jewelry. I love to change 'em up...change looks. Frequently. But let's face it, 450 bucks is an expensive accessory. So a second pair? Out of the question. A third pair? Waaaay fuckin out.

    Aaaanywho, I'd saved a link for
  • Zenni Optical
  • that I'd picked up somewhere in my travels around internet-land. Now, I'm like...the maven of internet shoppin. But to order glasses online? I dunno. Made me kinda hinky, ya know?

    But, I went ahead and cadged my script from Bard, had Ziggy measure my "pupillary distance", picked out a really cute, edgy pair of
  • scarlet
  • specs and ordered 'em....

    ...for 73 dollars! Aaaaand, that included a four dollar pair of clip-on sunglasses...and five bucks for shippin!

    That's 73. Seven. Three. And, if they're not right, they guarantee ya half of the cost of the glasses back. If they're not right, I'm only out $31.00.

    But....but...if they're right? If they're right, it just re-affirms what I've always thought.

    Places like Bard or Pearle or LensCrafters or some of those other joints are ginormus, money-suckin rackets. Kinda like organized crime. Or religion.

    Should have 'em in a few days. I'll letcha know how it turns out.


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