Monday, February 04, 2008

Winter whammy and instant karma

I wanna pull Punxatawney Phil's damn head through his asshole.

Friday, we got hit with 7 inches of blowing, drifting snow.

Sunday night, we got another damn blizzard...with thunder and lightening.

Today? It got up to 48. Whoopee, right? Uh..not so much. It's so damned foggy ya can't see more than about two car lengths in front of you. Sometimes, ya can't see a damn thing. The drive to and from Peoria to buy a baby shower gift was...interesting.

On the way, I was pokin along about 35-40 miles an hour. I woulda turned around and went back home, except I couldn't find a good place to turn around where I thought I wouldn't get t-boned by some moron drivin 80. So I kept on, thinkin it would be better the closer I got to town. Wrong.

Remember said "moron drivin 80"? Well, here comes the karma part. This maroon SUV flys by me, runnin probably 60. No lights on. None. I shake my head at the ignorance and keep pokin along at 35.

Five minutes later, I come upon the red light at Cedar Hills Drive (not that you could actually see the light, you was purely a guess on my part as to where I was)...only to find said moron had rear-ended a Buick and, in turn, was nearly rear-ended himself by a semi full of brand new cars. Thankfully, it looked like everyone was ok.

Instant karma's gonna getchu...gonna kick you right in the teeth

So, back to the weather. Tomorrow? Rain. Which will, hopefully, clear out this fog.

And tomorrow night? Freezing rain. Followed by...more snow.

I'm. sick. of. winter.


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