Saturday, June 16, 2007

And to think...I was gonna stay home and take a nap

Just got back from the first (but not last, I hope)
  • Forum 'bash'. Actually, 'bash' sounds more like it should go with 'blogger' in "blogger bash".

    We need a different about "Forum Free-for-all"? "Forum Fiesta"?

    Awww, hell...don't matter whatcha call it. It was fun!

    I really hesitated to go. See, believe it or not, I'm kinda shy. Ok, stop laughing.

    Well, not so much anymore, but I used to be painfully shy. I mean, I would no more think of walking into a bar or restaurant by myself than I would bungee jump from the Golden Gate Bridge. And, believe me...that ain't gonna happen any time soon. Like...never.

    Sometimes, I still hafta push myself. Especially when I'm meetin people that I've never laid eyes on before. Like this afternoon at Schooner's.

    Aaaanywho, I'm soooo glad I went because I met the nicest buncha people. (And, yea I took pictures. But I don't know if everyone is comfortable with me posting their mugs all over the 'net. But if any of you want a copy, speak up...I'll email ya one.)

    Some of the forum members are also local bloggers. Fr'instance, Diane of Peoria Rocks!. She's as cute as can be. And so are her two adorable little kidlets. It was a real pleasure, Diane.

    I was especially tickled to meet Peoria Illinoisian. His blog is on my 'must read every day' list and has been for some time. He's nothin like I imagined him to be. Though, come to think of it, I'm not sure exactly what I imagined. I think maybe I imagined a little, geeky, balding guy. Something he's definitely not.

    Thankfully, I didn't call him "PI", like I do when I "talk" to him 'round the blogosphere. I mean...say it out loud. "Pee-eye". Reminds me of the old joke....ah....nevermind. It was a pleasure to meet you, too...uh....PI. hehe

    Other forum members attending were CD, aka the "awesome blossom" (that's her supper I took a picture of. YUM!); Mr. Collector; Harley and his very nice wife; (I hadda put the semi-colon in there. With just a comma, it looked like Harley's wife was named "Reno"...hehe) Reno and Tapeworm. (Who doesn't look anything like his nickname, btw. Damn good thing, too. Otherwise, I'm pretty sure I couldn't have eaten there. LOL) It was great meeting all youse peeps, too!

    It was hotter than a three-peckered billy goat, but the beer was cold, the service was great, the food was damn fine and the company...well, ya just couldn't find better company, that's for sure.

    It was waaaaaay more fun than a nap.


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