Tuesday, November 25, 2014

End of an era

As of December 1, I am officially "retired". 'Course, I haven't been back to work since August 6. Off on medical leave.

This breast cancer has turned into a huuuuge pain in my ass, as well as my boob. Early August the breast started turning red, swelling. I was visiting my daughter (out of state) and it started bothering me worse...and worse. Then I started having chest....not pain, exactly.....squeezing is how I described it. Went to the ER, wound up going into a deadly heart rhythm, was admitted to ICU for 4 days. Finally made it home and two days later, the incision in my breast broke open and drained a ton of crap. And this was five months after the surgery. And the wound has been open...ever since. We're now talking about hyperbaric treatments. It's not healing because the tissue was irradiated. Oh...and we still don't know what the heart thing was about....still working on it. Haven't had the "squeezies" or gone into the scary rhythm again...thankfully.

I damn near lost my sense of humor. Unfortunately, I never did lose my appetite. 

Aaaanywho, I (and any other county employee who was vested) was offered an early retirement package. It was so good, I couldn't turn it down. And the timing was perfect. I just don't know if I'd ever have been able to go back, health-wise.

So does this mean I'll blog more. Probably not. I just feel like....I don't have anything relevant to say. I may pop in...now and then...for a rant. heh Or, who knows? I might just start posting like crazy. Never can tell.