Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Sick decor chick

So....my recuperation is progressing....slooooowly. Not nearly as fast as I think it should. 'Course, when I do feel pretty good, I overdo and feel like crap the next day or two.

But I keep pushing it. I feel like I have to push it a little bit or I'll sit here and just...fade away. I'm still not back to work. I try to do things around here that need done...or that I think need done. Actually, not much needs to be done. And the Zigster's been a huge help since I've been a sicky.

 The fact of the matter is, I'm bored silly most of the time.

 Fortunately, there's online shopping.

 UNfortunately, you not only hafta pay for the stuff, ya have to find something to do with it whenthe Wells Fargo wagon is a....comin down the street....

Uh....'scuse me. I watched The Music Man the other night. heh. I digress. Can't help it. It's the prednisone.

As I was saying...ya need to find something to do with it. That's a problem when I don't have the oomph to do it myself. (Hence the title of this particular post.) heh

 "Ohhh, Zigggggyyyyy?..........

 Zebra's out. Antelope's in. (Faux antelope, of course. I swear....no antelope were harmed during the production of this decor change.) And Stewie approves.

 And plastic mini's are out. Bamboo's where it's at, man. Can't believe how much the espresso blinds warmed up the grey walls.

I really feel like I want to change things around for spring. I mean...it's been this way since we moved in...a whole what?...3 months or so? But again....it's gonna hafta wait until I feel better.

Ziggy's been just swell. And I know he's a patient man.

To a point. heh