Wednesday, September 22, 2010

"Just sharpen my legs and drive me into the ground."

So speaketh Donovan P.

That's what my dad used to say when we'd try to have a conversation be blunt, death. To be more precise, what he wanted done with his body after death.

Of course, we didn't do any of the things he'd suggested...sharpening his legs and driving him into the ground being only one of the myriad of bizarre choices he gave us. We went the "traditional" route even though I knew he'd have hated it.

I attended the visitation of a dear friend (though we haven't been close for years)/former in-law tonight. And I was horrified even though I have a feeling it's just what she would have wanted.

It resembled nothing so much as a ancient Egyptian burial ritual...ya know?..where they send the deceased off into the great, black unknown with food to nourish them, jewelry to barter with, blankets to keep them warm and all manner of personal possessions.

There was a frickin bag of potato chips in the coffin, fer chrissake. It was beyond bizarre.

And it wasn't just this service. The last several I've been to have done something similar, though not quite so over the top.

Maybe the extreme...weirdness...of all the hoo-haa...all the jingly-jangly junk...helps temper the grief...helps take one's mind off of the situation? I dunno. I guess it sorta helped me out in that area.

All I do know is she died way too young (we were the same age) and she left behind a beautiful daughter and two gorgeous grandsons. She'll be missed something awful.

Monday, September 20, 2010


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Monday, September 06, 2010

I was abducted by aliens

What year is it and why does my butt hurt?

Ok. I admit it. I wasn't really abducted by aliens. And I haven't seen anything resembling an anal probe in a loooong time.

But I am wondering just what in the hell happened to the last...oh...three or four months or so. Anybody got a clue? Anyone?




Good gawd but the summer has flown. Let's see if I can recap it as succinctly as possible.

Went on a short gamblin trip and won. Went on a longer, "Grannies Gone Wild" gamblin trip and lost.

Gained a son-in-law. Lost my mind and my temper.

Bought some new clothes; bought some new shoes; bought a new refrigerator.

Went to the new Hy-Vee (it's nice). Went to the new Fresh Market (it's freakin awesome) about yer
  • Lost in the Cheese Aisle
  • ...I snagged some aged Vermont cheddah, some dill Havarti and a nice little chunk'o Duck foie gras.

    Went boatin a few times...much less than we'd have liked due to the miserably, wickedly hot weather.

    Saw a man on roller skates, carrying a hockey stick, wearin a cowboy hat, dressed in only a hockey jersey and jock strap at the kids' wedding reception - don't ask.

    Observed da Zigster doin a mighty fine job (for an old fart) of dancin to "YMCA". Observed da Zigster asleep in the recliner at least 47 times.

    And now it's Labor Day. Summer's last big HURRAH!...and I'm sick as a dog with a summer epizootic...snotty nose, rib-crackin cough, da works. I'm suckin on a cuppa hot tea with honey and lemon and da Zigster is asleep in the recliner. WhoooHoo! Big end of summer party here. Big.

    Oh. And in between all the glamorous, globe-hopping travel and the half-nekkid men on roller skates (nice ass, btw) I worked. Harder than I normally do, too.

    Speaking of Labor Day, our local
  • Lowe's
  • freakin rocks! They delivered our gorgeous new refrigerator today. On a freakin holiday, fer gawd's sake! Aaannndd, they delivered it exactly when they said they would!

    Well...that pretty much sums up what Pammy did on her summer vacation. (Yawn)

    I'll try to be a better blogger...but it just seems like a helluva lotta work. heh

    Oh, yea...I almost forgot this little gem. I've seen it before, in Jacksonville on the way to the Princess', but I've never had the camera handy.

    Ahhh...Firearms and Memories. Didn't Streisand cover that?