Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I got nothin

I think menopause robbed me of what paltry writing skills I had.

Or maybe it was the 90+ degree/85% humidity days we had for like...oh...forever that sucked the brain cells right outa me.

Today has been incredible, though...it's the first day since about May we've been able to shut off the air and open the house up. It's even been too damn hot for boating, though we did take 'er out last Sunday for a short cruise.

Work has been...different...not necessarily in a good way. Nevertheless, I'm glad I still have a job and am working with some really fabulous people. I still only work 2 and a half days a week and it totally kicks my ass.

Lessee...what else can I yammer about? Oh, I got a hair cut the other day. My regular stylist is on maternity leave, so I had a sub. Let's just say that when I got home, Ziggy called me "Butch".

Yeeaaaaa. It's short. Reeeeeallly short. And he's a smart-ass.

I don't think I've mentioned that the Princess is getting married next weekend. So that should provide some good blog fodder. heh

There you have it. That pretty much recaps my entire summer to this point...just hangin and watchin the river...and all her travelers...go by.

(I have photos of said river and travelers I was gonna post, but evidently Blogger has a fart cross-ways right now. I'll try again later. Or not.)

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Three years ago today

Doesn't time fly when you're havin fun?

Love you, Sparky!