Wednesday, November 25, 2009


And other thoughts

I'm warm and snuggly after a hot bubble bath. My belly's full. Our little riverside retreat is a cozy shelter from tonight's cold, drizzly rain.

And my carpet is clean. Well, until one of da boys yaks up a hairball.

That was today's project...hauling the carpet shampooer down from the loft and steaming the worst traffic areas. Which was practically the whole living room/dining room/hall.

Well, actually that was Ziggy's project. But ah helped. As in it was my idea.

He likes it when I think up projects for him. Really. heh

We've been half-assedly looking at property to buy. We'd figured that, at this point in our lives, renting was the way to go....until property values started coming back into the area of "semi-realistic". Now we figure that it might be a good idea to buy again. 'Course we'd love to buy this place. And our landlords are positively tickled pink at the thought of selling to us. Unfortunately, their thoughts on home pricing haven't exactly caught up with reality.

We'll see.

I suppose, since this is Thanksgiving eve, I ought to do a whole "what am I thankful for?" thing. It's like...a rule...right? Sooo, without further ado...

I'm thankful for:

1...da Zigster. He's my bestest friend and lover. He gets me when nobody else does. He humors me and indulges me and spoils me rotten. beautiful daughter and granddaughter...who's gonna be 10 whole years old next week! Good gawd. Ten. It's going by too damn fast.

3...the two lobsters that sacrificed their lovely, 1 pound tails and the cow that donated a couple of it's ribs...along with a nice hunk'o meat...for our Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow.

4...the fact that we can afford to have lobster and prime rib roast...or anything to eat, for that matter. So many people can't.

5...our health. So many people don't have that, either. 'Course, after tomorrow's heart attack, disguised as a Thanksgiving dinner, that might be a moot point.

6...the fact that I have family and friends to be thankful for.

7...Starbuck's coffee, dark chocolate and popcorn.

Whether you're having turkey or sushi...whether you'll be spending Thanksgiving with family and friends or all by your lonesome...Ziggy and I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very, very...


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