Wednesday, September 02, 2009

That pretty much sums it up

I'm trying desperately...and pretty much unsuccessfully, I stave off a snotty cold. My hair looks like shit and I need a haircut, but just don't have the...ooomph! to make the damn appointment. My knee hurts. There's crap going on at work, while not involving moi, has kinda affected my mood.

And I feel like I've been cheated out of summer. It's fall already...or feels like it around these parts, anyway. While I normally love fall, I like it to come after summer. We haven't really had a summer this year. And I absolutely dread having to think about winter. And snow. And ice. And freezing my ass off.

To top it all off, poor Zigster (who's just getting over that nasty cold, himself (thanks, honey...I love you, too!) is gonna hafta go back on third shift. They're a supervisor or two short, so the honor of covering for them has been bestowed upon him. I honestly don't mind him working nights...but I know he hates it, so I hate it for him.

On the other hand....

I'm pretty sure that this cold isn't the H1N1 virus. At least I have hair. I can get another steroid shot for my knee. And the Zigster and I still have jobs. Believe me...we're both thankful for that.

But I'd have still liked to have had a little summer. Dammit.


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