Thursday, July 23, 2009

From the Department of Kill Me...Kill Me Now

It's the evening rush hour. In order to avoid all the much-needed but much-fucked-up road construction on 29, I decide to take the curvy, hilly Cedar Hills Drive. Unfortunately, every other swingin dick musta decided the same thing.

So, I get stuck behind...a friggin Buick...with a bobble-head dog in the rear window, no less...going a hair-raising 30 fucking miles an hour. All. The way. To 29.

Passing was out of the question...too much traffic from the opposite direction.

I swear ta gawd...there musta been 15 cars behind me. It looked like Martin Luther King's funeral procession, fer chrissake.

Ohmmmmm Ohmmmm Ohmmmmmmmmmmm


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